New epoxy paste

FEAM informs that a new certified epoxy paste will be soon available for barrier cable glands type P… R. The chemical composition of this new compound is the result of numerous tests, it allows to completely seal the cable gland in order to ensure that in case of any explosion inside the equipment, it does not spread to the whole system. Epoxy compounds are thermosetting polymers with cold reaction made by copolymerization of an epoxide (component A) with another compound (component B), which, when mixed, react and solidify bringing the compound to complete hardening.In FEAM paste, component A, which is dark grey, and component B, which is white, must be mixed in a ratio of 1:1 for about 2 minutes until the color is homogeneous. The obtained product has a working time of 20 - 40 minutes, after which it begins the reaction process which will lead to complete hardening after about 24 hours. (Obviously, lower or higher temperature levels can change the hardening times).T

he kit supplied by FEAM includes:

• Component A

• Component B

• Nitrile gloves

This kit is available with components from 6 gr up to 288 gr.

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