Development of performing lighting fixtures thanks to the photogoniometer technology

FEAM has recently decided to get a photogoniometer, which allows to the corporate Research & Development department to perform in-house photometric measurements on lighting fixtures which are then uploaded in a specific lighting software in order to simulate the needed lighting in a specific environment. This technology therefore allows the company to provide increasingly efficient solutions able to fully satisfy any customers’ request and system needs. Therefore, the photometric curves performed by the photogoniometer have to be considered a key point for any project that requires the use of lighting fixtures, as they are able to highlight some important data related to the light emitted in various directions such as:

  • Luminous flux [lm]
  • Light intensity [cd]
  • Color temperature [K]

As already stated above, thanks to these important data is possible to determine the lighting needs in a specific environment and then find the right lighting solution.

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