In order to strengthen its image as a reliable partner for the supply of explosion-proof equipment, FEAM has set up its own project management department with the aim of improving the synergy with its customers. The project management department represents the focal point for all Italian and international engineering companies, managing and coordinating all their orders with the aim of completing the project without any problems and solving any critical issues without repercussions for the customer and the company in compliance with the deadlines stated in the contract. The activities of the project management department start from the initial internal kick-off meeting (with or without the customer) to define the objectives of the project, collect the needs of the customer and establish a timeline of the activities up to the payment receipt. The office is also in charge of:
  • Internal activities allocation/schedule
  • Weekly follow-up of the project activities
  • Internal/external meetings with internal offices/suppliers, if any/customers
  • Cost and marginality control
  • Project Documentation
  • Inspection schedule and notification
  • Packing and logistic coordination
  • Invoicing (final documentation retention, when applicable)
  • Liquid damage management/negotiation (if applicable)
For a correct management of the activities, each project is managed by a Project Manager who will be the sole focal point for the whole project. The company has also developed an in-house project management program in which it is possible to track the information and documents sent to the customer (useful in case of disputes) and to constantly monitor the project activities. The intrinsic characteristic of the project management department is the ability to adapt quickly to the changes by proposing effective solutions that do not affect on the corporate image and at the same time satisfy the needs of the customers. The project management department therefore acts as a unique interface among the different players involved in the project acting in a win-win approach. The presence of a project management department guarantees tangible and long-term advantages for all the actors involved, it allowed to the Company to define and develop a project management methodology that includes best practices, tools and techniques for the success of the project.